Dark Star

Remember is a good girl, even if she's fatherless and labeled a Dunk, but she lives a peaceful life with her mother until the evening Leon Swiftsight knocks softly on her door.

She's dragged into a world of spies and war councils, magic and deception. Where she's not sure who her enemies are and what choices she's left with. Join Remember as she discovers the meaning behind her name, the strength behind her magic, and just what choices she's been left with.

The song for the stained novella's all feature diversity and they are all clean reads. Bringing young adult fantasy to readers of all ages, from 10up, and diversity to all children. These books are stand alone, allowing the reader to read just one, but they are also woven into each other and readers of the series will be delighted to see what their old favourite characters are up to.

Inspired by works such as Tamora Pierce and Maria V Snyder, these stories are a traditional fantasy, with a kiss ass type female protagonist, the heroin, with a destiny and a mission that will change her life.


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Available on Amazon as an ebook, audio book and paperback and at select retailers. Want a signed copy? Contact me below.

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The Song For The Stained Novella's are Clean Reads.

Dust and Water

Hunter doesn’t dream of much. I mean a good meal and a days rest from his uncles hard labor would be nice, but not essential. Hunter is a survivor.

Then he see’s a girl on a white horse take a risk, and Hunter wonders if he could do the same. Can he make friends, discover compassion and warmth, avoid having a bucket of mud thrown over his head, not to mention the bandits? Can he earn respect? 

His hope rests in the kindness of a girl, a girl he can't even bring to call by her name. She holds the key to his freedom, to the beginning of a new life for Hunter.

The decision to stray from the beaten track and embark on an adventure, to dare to live a life thrilling and scary and unchartered, isn't an easy one for shy Hunter - but it could pay off. It could change everything.

But will taking a risk be enough? 

Available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback and at select retailers. Want a signed copy? Contact me below.

Dust and Water Paperback


  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1