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Contemporary Young Adult


Anna is an average teenage girl, she isn't a kick-ass action character and there's no supernatural powers coming to the rescue here, just everyday hope, some hard work and a bit of help from her friends. She discovers words and writing help her sift through her thoughts and emotions and that sometimes right and wrong aren't always clear cut - but sometimes they are.

'Every teen girl needs to read this book,' samanthasbooks.com

'Dark and dangerous, YA readers will love this,' bookscoffeesleep.com


Rush is the magical ability to move with intense speed. Rowena has this ability even after being banished from her coven and from the entire magical world. It also happens to be the nickname of a mysterious guy she meets in the club. A guy who ultimately kidnaps her, introduces her to his world of bloodlust, saves her life and leads her to the doorstep of Forks. A must read for anyone with Twilight still in their hearts and minds and yet an urban fantasy standing firmly on it’s own two legs that those who are not fans of Twilight will still get a big kick out of this read. 
Rated 14+ with adult themes but lacking erotica, this is you next weekend heart throb. Grab a warm blanket and settle in to devour this lusty adventure.